Spirit of Tea

Hi and welcome to my website!

I have started this site to share my passion for tea, and especially for Chinese tea.

I discovered Chinese tea for the very first time in 2009, and since then I have been a passionate tea lover.

After various experiences sharing and drinking tea with friends and other tea fans, following numerous workshops with tea experts from different countries and attending tea events, I wanted to share my enthusiasm for this wonderful drink with a broader public.

After a trip to China in 2014, where I spent 3 weeks among tea leaves, tea gardens and local tea producers, I decided to find a way how to let other people discover this marvellous world of tea. I also engaged in a certification as a Tea Sommelier from the Thee Academie Vlaanderen in Belgium.

Tea has brought many things in my life and still does today. It is part of my life journey, and I would be happy to share this passion with you!

I organize ‘Tea Tao’ tasting sessions in Brussels on a regular basis. Check out my blog for the next dates. The sessions are held in English, French or Dutch. Each session combines some theory about tea with extensive tea tastings.



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